President's Message

439 Water Supply Corporation is a non-profit, member-owned corporation organized under the laws of the State of Texas.  As such, 439 Water Supply Corporation is subject to the laws and regulations governing the operations of non-profit water supply corporations.  439 Water Supply Corporation governs itself under the discretion of a board of directors elected by the corporation members; however, the following agencies have some regulatory authority:
The United States Department of Agriculture and the Texas Water Development Board establish guidelines and impose requirements in conjunction with loans provided to water supply corporations.

  • The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issues Certificates of Convenience and Necessity.  These Certificates grant the right and the obligation to provide utility service in a particular area.  439 Water Supply Corporation holds Certificate of Convenience and Necessity #10001.
  • TCEQ also issues regulations governing the quality of all public drinking water systems and conducts periodic inspections.  Those regulations address water quality, water pressure, and system design specifications.
  • 439 Water Supply Corporation was established in 1967 and provides excellent water quality and service to customers in the Belton Lake area.  Our water is purchased pre-treated from Bell County Water Control and Improvement District

Glen Grandy, President